What is OriLive?

OriLive is a student project that focuses on building a set of devices for wireless transmission of results in orienteering sports. The development emphasizes low device costs, ease of use, and independence from mobile operator networks.


OriLive O-Node board

The O-Node board is used to collect SRR data from SPORTident devices, which is then sent to the nearest gateway unit using LoRa technology and the proprietary OPRP protocol.

  • Compact, cheap, light

  • Battery life for several races

  • Node/Wi-Fi Gateway

  • Setup via mobile app and Bluetooth

  • ESP32, LoRa 433/169 MHz

OPRP protocol

OPRP (OriLive Punch Routing Protocol) is a simple protocol designed specifically for the project's needs. It allows units to form a mesh network in which data can flow from individual nodes to the gateway unit through multiple hops. At the same time, it is designed to keep the frames as small as possible, which provides excellent coverage and ensures sufficient network throughput.

example network


The system is designed to require minimal preparation before the race and not to be a burden for the organizers.

Mobile app

mobile app showcase

The mobile app makes setting up the units a matter of seconds.

Web dashboard


Device status, data flow, and more can be monitored in the dashboard.


I would like to thank everyone who helped me with the development of this project. First and foremost, RNDr. Jan Koupil, Ph.D., for guiding me in creating the SOČ thesis and Ing. Pavel Faltejsek, who introduced me to IT related to organizing races and gave me a lot of valuable tips. Thanks also go to Karel Koudelka, who taught me how to work with modern web technologies, and Mgr. Jan Jurica, the author of the project OResults.eu, who also provided many tips and is very open to cooperation.


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